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Associate Professor Madeleine Suttie

Associate Professor Madeleine Suttie

BCom LLB (Hons) MBioeth Ph.D.

Madeleine Suttie is an experienced legal and ethics consultant. She completed her doctorate in moral deliberation under John Finnis at Oxford University from 2008-2012. She completed her undergraduate degrees in law and commerce at Sydney University and her Masters in bioethics at the Monash Faculty of Philosophy.

Madeleine currently teaches professional ethics and medical law at two medical schools, having been appointed as an Associate Professor (conjoint) in 2012. She has worked in corporate and personal liability law since 1998, including consultancy work with hospitals, providing legal advice for insurers in personal injury related matters, university colleges and community organisations. She is the Dean of Students, Rural Development at St John’s College within University of Sydney.

Associate Professor (Conjoint) Joseph Suttie

Associate Professor Joseph Suttie

Director of Medical Education. MBBS BSc(Med) Hons(I) LLB (UNSW) MBioeth (Mon) DPhil(Oxon) FRACP FCSANZ

Joseph Suttie has two decades of experience in corporate and government sector training in ethics and cultural reform. He consults on professional standards, recruitment, and ethical organisational accountability. He is a leading educator and facilitator in biotechnology, ethics and professional development. He consults on complex medico legal issues including liability and complex causation. He offers a holistic approach to ethics and professional advisory services.